Yasmina Ramzy — Teaching

Yasmina created the world renowned Arabesque Academy curriculum based on teaching thousands of students since 1982. She has taught in 60 cities on 5 continents and invited back multiple times to several locations. When on tour, she will teach whatever the host feels the students of that region need or are asking for which can include Choreography in many styles of Middle Eastern dance, Bellydance Technique, Folklore and the following specialty workshops that Yasmina is known for. Each workshop is average 2 hours, but can be tailored to 90 minutes or 2.5 hours. Custom made workshops combining subjects can be created as well.



display-arrowHeavy Hitting Hips

A new way of teaching technique at all levels that is the synthesis and core of Yasmina`s approach of producing more power with less effort and addresses directly how to achieve the Arab nuance in Bellydance movement. HHH addresses the common ground for all levels of technique that differentiates Middle Eastern movement from Western movement.

display-arrowDr. Yasmina – Technique

Each Dr. Yasmina Workshop spends one hour concentrating on one detail of technique such as hands, or arms, or shimmies, or posture, or turns, etc. Personal attention is given to a small group of ten students where a personal assessment is made with a diagnosis of each student's issues. Then Yasmina imparts a personal prescription to cure the issues. All Levels.

display-arrowJust Dance

Learn Middle Eastern dance nuance the same way Yasmina learned to Bellydance – discover how there can be 100 ways to execute a hip kick based on music – all levels in one class, Technique level or lack of is not an issue – Emotion, feeling and subtle nuance are the objectives in this workshop.

display-arrowBeyond Technique

Enhance your technique and movement quality. This workshop will focus on subtler nuances important in Egyptian style Bellydance. Discover new approaches to technique on all levels while finding meaning in movement and a direct link to Arab culture and music.

display-arrowAl Khaima

This is an afternoon workshop with 3 teachers instructing on how to listen to, appreciate and recognize different forms of Arab music as well as learn how to improvise with live musicians including the cues dancers and musicians give each other – students perform with Arabesque Orchestra in evening of same day – no audition required, for all levels – Teachers: Yasmina Ramzy, Bassam Bishara, Suleiman Warwar


Yasmina teaches the well known steps, history, musical genre and costuming for many styles of dance from different regions of the Middle East. Folkloric styles include Saiidi, Khaleegy, Assaya, Tahtiib, Milaya, Hagallah, Port Said, Dabki, Mohamed Ali St., Shaabi, Falahi, Zaar, Tannoura (Whirling Dervish), Nubian. She puts a heavy emphasis on cultural context, nuance and character development. Many Bellydance steps have their origin in the folklore styles.

display-arrowKick Ass Technique

These workshops are offered at different levels with in depth and detailed analysis of technique, correct muscle use, posture, and strength often with limited number of students so that individual feedback can be given. It is usually a rigorous workout that covers much of the Arabesque repertoire of 150 steps.

display-arrowLegends of Bellydance

Also known as Channeling the Icons, this comprehensive journey follows the exciting lives and artistry of each of the most important Bellydance artists who have set the standards and created the steps all Bellydancers perform today. Badia Masabni, Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Nagua Fouad, Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdou, Saha Hamdi, Mona El Said, Nahed Sabry, Dina, Lucy, Tito Seif, Aida Nour, etc. What did they each contribute and how has each influenced the next by following the evolution of Bellydance since the 1940s. This workshop utilizes film and video footage with commentary as well as learning the signature moves and combinations of each dancer. Includes juicy stories such as why Tahia Carioca and Saha Hamdi were jailed.

display-arrowFearless Femininity

Shameless sensuality and confidence in your body. Discover, explore and enhance these essential characteristics for all Bellydancers. Remember the first shimmie or hip circle you performed that gave you a great sense of joy and release of body shame? But now, it is several years later and you still have issues with posture, expression and some techniques. This workshop is concerned with the mind / body connection and with drilling out those obstacles that keep you from attaining your dance aspirations. All levels.

display-arrowWorkshop X

This is a very unique workshop, the development of which was sponsored by Ontario Arts Council. It is designed to unleash an inner ancient life force that is Bellydance and the creative joy it embodies. It is an experience that one gets the most benefit from if one has no preconceptions. Taking place behind locked doors, the participants are sworn to secrecy after the workshop. All do so willingly as they do not want to ruin the experience for anyone else. Any level can participate as it has nothing to do with technique. All levels.

display-arrowBeyond Folklore

Beyond regional steps and rhythms, discover the many characters of Middle Eastern Dance as well your own unique Bellydance voice. Learn unique technique, character, nuance and cultural context as well as why learning folklore is essential for Bellydance expression.

display-arrowDancing to Oum Kalthoum

The importance of studying the music of the singer Oum Kalthoum is integral for the serious dance artist especially if aspiring to perform for an Arab audience. In this workshop, the student learns how to listen to classical Arab music and the profound nuance of all Arab art. Oum Kalthoum is the pinnacle of these ideals and how to embody her integrity in dance can uplift a dancer's interpretation and expression of all Arab music.

display-arrowPerformance, Arab Music & the Bellydancer

Recognizing important rhythms for the Bellydance performance in a night club and how they are utilized. Entrances, exits, structure and bows as well as how to follow musical cues in improvisation with live musicians.

display-arrowDrums Solos & Taqsims

In a Bellydance performance, it is said one can judge the dancer's technical prowess in the Drum Solo and his/her artistry in the Taqsim. The rest of the performance is showbiz which anyone can learn. How to understand and execute both Taqsims and Drum Solos and their importance.

display-arrowBeyond Sequins

This workshop is about discovering meaning in the movement drawing on cultural context, history, and music. This workshop usually sparks a renewed fire and passion for the art form and can change the way a dancer expresses her/him self right down to the physicality.

display-arrowPro Series Workshops

This series and style of workshop is geared for the performing professional dance artist, advanced students or very adventurous Intermediate students. Improvisation and feedback are key componenents and used as tools in order to challenge the student to push themselves into new and uncharted territory. It frees the dance artist to discover untapped artistic interpretation and expression. The subject matter for each workshop is limitless but some common themes are Showbiz Transitions, Power Passion, Clarity & Range, Dynamics. Limit of 10 students per workshop. Because of intensity, each workshop can be distilled to one hour in length if desired.

Drum Solo Choreography – one of Suleiman Warwar's compositions

Oriental Choreography – Sanatein, Khatarna ala Ballak, Nibtidi, Yearnings, etc.

Mohamed Ali Street Choreography

Khaleegy Choreography

Raks al Milaya Choreography

Saiidi Choreography

Raks al Assaya Choreography

display-arrowOriental Choreography to Music of Oum Kalthoum

Deepen your understanding of Arab art and Arab Bellydance expression with a new unique choreography to the music of Oum Kalthoum created by Yasmina Ramzy. Gain insight into why Oum Kalthoum is so important for Bellydancers.

display-arrowCrash Course (4-5 days)

Designed for dance students who want to cram a lot of learning in a short period of time – four to five days of intense technique training at appropriate level as well as studies in Folklore, cultural relevance, history and nuance – daytime course taught at Arabesque Studios – no audition required.

display-arrowPro Course (2 weeks)

This ia a two week course sponsored by Ontatio Arts Council for dance students (minimum 2 years strong Bellydance training) who have excellent technique skills, some performance experience and who are looking to launch a professional performing career or for those who have enjoyed a long performing and/or teaching career who wish to round out their knowledge of the art form as a whole – emphasis is on improvisation with live musicians and creative expression – daytime course taught at Arabesque Studios with some technique classes in evenings – audition required – Teachers: Yasmina Ramzy, Robert Desrosiers, Bassam Bishara, Dr. George Sawa, Suleiman Warwar, Sashara Zarif, Karen Parker, Brian Smith and more. Because of the number of teachers, this course is only taught in Toronto once a year.

display-arrowMaster Pro Course (7 days)

This is a seven day course with many of the teachers from Pro Course who now help the graduates of Pro Course to formulate their personal artistic vision. During the week, the students perform 3 times and spend even more time than before with musicians and feedback. Teachers Yasmina Ramzy, Bassam Bishara, Suleiman Warwar, Brian Smith, Robert Desrosiers. Only taught in Toronto, once every 3 years.


display-arrowPerformance Coaching

(for limit of 10)
For a small group performing professional dance artists who are seeking a challenged in terms of stage presence and communicating emotion and character. This workshop is recommended for those with substantial performance experience.

display-arrowCreating Choreography with Meaning and Impact

For ensembles and soloists – Creating choreography for student recitals, to express music, to express abstract ideas and tell a story.

display-arrowHow to create choreography for and rehearse a professional dance ensemble

Creating work with artistic integrity and how an ensemble creates movement with formations just as soloist creates movement with the many body parts.

display-arrowWorking as a Professional Soloist

The needs of different venues and audiences, performing Zaffah etc.

display-arrowBeing an Effective Teacher

How to find what each individual student needs from their teacher.

display-arrowAdvanced Technique Clinic (limit of 10 students to allow for individual feedback)

Challenging layering techniques.


display-arrowUnderstanding Venues & Audiences for an Effective Presentation (part of Pro Course)

Each venue and audience requires different skills from an artist – Mid East, Arab nightclubs, Arab parties, concerts and weddings, theatre, community cultural festivals, house parties, etc.

display-arrowBetween the Notes — How to Listen to Arab Music

Let Arab music come alive. Bellydance movement was created as an expression of Arab music. Find out how and why, while making that important connection in your movement.

display-arrowMeaning in Movement - Femininism, Spirituality, Sexuality, Self Esteem

The essence of Bellydance and giving meaning and purpose for the movement – Spirituality, Feminism, Sexuality, Self Esteem